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A Backpackers Guide To Flores, Guatemala

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The hammocks out back afford great views of the lake so it would be a shame not to hang out in one while sampling the cafes craft beers. For a cheaper option, there are street food sellers on the island.

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Each day at around 4pm stalls will be set up floers the west side of Flores selling various dishes and drinks at a praties price. Walk the Island Due to the compact nature of Flores, it only takes around minutes to walk the perimeter of the island. The main reason to come here: The awesome rope swing that Jorge has set up. There is a charge of 10Q to use the rope swing.

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Tikal A huge number of agencies in Flores will offer a florws to Tikal, usually with partise guide which is definitely recommended. Generally expect to pay Q per person for transport and a guide. Partiea Mirador El Miridor is one of the oldest Maya cities and has the biggest pyramid in the world. This includes 3 meals a day, camping gear and mules to carry luggage and equipment. Getting there From Belize The tourist busses leave from the water taxi terminal in Belize City at both 9. Our bus driver insisted that the border officers on the Swing parties in flores side of the crossing would ask you for a small unofficial fee and that if you refused, your passport would be detained.

In reality, I was asked for this payment but pretended to not understand — the guard wSing gave up and handed me back my documents. Most hostels and hotels on the backpacker trail will offer the option of booking a seat in a mini bus at a price that is often the same as taking the local option, sometimes cheaper. I found that hostels in Lanquin, Antigua and Lake Atitlan all offered fairly reasonably priced transport. Buses If you are heading to Flores by public bus from either Lake Atitlan or Antigua, you will need to hop in a collectivo or chicken bus to the terminal in Guatemala City. The Street Food The street food or antojitos in Flores were something else.

Down by the lake each afternoon, a few stall owners pull in on their lanchas and begin setting up for the afternoon and night to feed locals and tourists alike from containers and juice holders. They serve all kinds of food including tostadas, tacos, empanadas, salads, cakes, and juice. This food was the best we have found on the street and is still the best to this dayand was all excellent value with most items being priced at 5GTQ cakes were 10GTQ but boy were those slices large! We returned here several times over our stay, whether it was for a meal or a post-meal dessert slice! We cannot recommend these stalls and the lovely ladies serving food enough.

The Bars and Restaurants If you ever get sick of eating the local street food and saving ridiculous amounts of money at the same timethen head to one of the many restaurants and bars that line the streets of Flores — there are many! One of the best places that we frequented was San Telmo a restaurant and bar.

Not only does parfies have some jn food from organic through to pizzabut they also sell great drinks and kombucha as well alongside the alcohol whilst having an amazing view out over the lake from their florss terrace. Stands set up all over town in the late afternoon as people are coming home from work. That included 3 tostada — I let the chef choose and got an odd but tasty assortment. I got a lime juice from this selection. And then I turned to see this. I heard Guatemalan angels sing. Most impressive was that this stand set up in about 20 minutes. Watch the Sunset: Choose the highest vantage point you can — the electrical wiring around the island is abundant.

My praties was actually from the stairway Swinv my attic room at my hotel. View during day. Take a look at this. No filters, no adjustments of color. It was crazy beautiful. Where I stayed in Flores: Hotel Casa Amelia. Luckily on the west side of the island with a large rooftop terrance. I also scored a new room added to the top. Not only was the view to do for but the AC and the hot water were powerful and the bed comfortable. Things you should bring. The weather is HOT and humid. Much like Belize though it felt a bit cooler at night.

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