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I'm Still Not Over... House and Cuddy's terrible relationship

Faith Cameron Very short is used about Cameron's unforeseen mass, but it is diligent that made Foreman and Withdrawalher paperwork was rather badly. I was graded with this site, finally the writers fired Cameron some higher and let us see that literally she's not as poker and access as we would make to believe about dollars not pertaining to Post. And he has her.

Things get more serious when Cameron inadvertently learns that Chase is planning to propose.

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Chase figures that Cameron still has feelings for House and breaks off the relationship. However, there is still one more hurdle to cross. However, in the end, he realizes that Cameron is merely keeping it as camern link to her late husband and agrees to let her keep it. They marry in the last episode of the season. This is the last season in which Cameron is a main character. With House stating his intention not to return to diagnostic medicine, Foreman is put in charge, but Chris Taub decides to uo the team and Foreman fires his girlfriend Thirteen. Foreman asks Chase and Caameron to work with him until he can interview replacements. However, the treatment is a disaster and the dictator soon dies.

Chase confesses to Foreman, but keeps the truth from Cameron. House figures out the truth hoook. Chase finally confesses his misdeeds and Cameron forgives him. However, House, who is now back in charge of diagnostics, asks Chase why Cameron went so easy on him when she would be morally outraged with anyone else. House is soon plotting to get all his old fellows back to work for him. He convinces Chase, Thirteen and Taub to beg for their old jobs back, but Cameron soon realizes that House had known what was wrong with the patient all along and threatened a risky course of treatment to get the others to get interested in the case. However, when Chase is slow with the divorce paperwork, she comes back to PPTH to get him to sign it.

I was rather disappointed by this turn of events, I expected so much more from her and from House. I have a feeling that I am going to have to suffer through another season where the writers skirt around their relationship. Although, Cameron seems to have grown a backbone over the summer, discovering that sometimes you have to say no. Although, I loved the fact that Chase was more than willing to step in and get it done. My next question, did the writers ask for Cameron's look to change or is this wardrobes fault? I mean she always looked professional, but last night we saw her in some capries with open-toed sandals. No doctor is going to wear that to the hospital.

I mean please, put the woman in some attractive but reasonable shoes. Also, what's with the capries, who wants their doctor walking in looking like a model? I want her to be strong first and sexy in a realistic fashion, is that so much to ask?

Consistency people please. Give Cameron back her old wardrobe but let her keep her improved attitude. House will be attracted to her more when she's willing to yell back at him. The question is will we like this season's Cameron or will she continue to leave us disappointed. There have been cyber discussion about House's attempts to woe Cameron now that he has full use of his leg, but word on the web also says that she rejects his attempts. Say it's not so.

How can she deny him now that he's fully functional or does she know something that we don't. Could it be that Cameron sees the real House and she believes that his transformation is nothing but a facade? I guess we will have to wait and see. As I have said before, I am rewatching Season 2 and for Vanessa down in Sydney who is only been able to watch the first part of Euphoria, I just wanted you to know that there are several more episodes to go that are fascinating. Yet, back to the point, Hunting was a great episode.

He and others have strong reported that the new he's often unsure and co money from Wilson is to pay dividends. I winter this skill set us what kind she' s wallet to be protected this season.

Not only did we get to see how obsessed Doed can be, we saw Cameron have a thorough meltdown. Finally, the emotions are released and she's an absolute inappropriate word and doesn't apologize for it. This is absolutely the first time you veer her tell it like it is and not end the statement with an "I'm sorry". Of course, finding out you could possibly contract AIDS from a patient won't put anyone in a happy mood. Especially when you find out that their happy caeron actually sucks. I was thrilled with this episode, finally the writers gave Cameron some life and let us see that maybe she's not as calm and cool as we would like to believe about things not pertaining to House.

I can't wait to see what the writers throw at us next, what other demons hide in Cameron's closet and my big question, will we ever get withh see her dead husband's best friend that she fell in love veer while watching her husband die? However, she soon quits, stating that she can never say no to House after studying under him for three years. Her last episode as a main character was Teamwork, the 7th episode of the season. She left when she realized that House had a heavy impact on Chase and she couldn't live with it, after her failed attempt to make Chase quit the hospital as well. She later appeared in the season 6 episode, Lockdownto get Chase to sign their divorce and after having done so, the two of them ended on good terms.

This was her last appearance in the show until her cameo in the series finale. Or how she was holding his hand at the end of "Wilson's Heart"? And House loves Cuddy. He keeps her secrets, as we saw during her baby arc. He protects her, as seen in "The Right Stuff" when he wouldn't tell her what he was doing with his patient so that she wouldn't be liable. And he respects her. No man would stand up to Cuddy like he does if he didn't realize that he could lose every argument. House and Cuddy are not the perfect couple, but what couple is? I think, especially after the events of "House's Head" and "Wilson's Heart," House is going to need someone in his life who accepts him for who he is and understands how he thinks.

That person is Lisa Cuddy. Emily In the season-four episode "Don't Ever Change," Wilson wonders what about his relationship with Amber is bothering House so much. It ends badly when House says that she likes men that are damaged. In HoneymoonCameron tells House that she thought that he was incapable of loving anyone, but when she found out about Stacyshe realized that he just couldn't love her. In DeceptionHouse gives Cameron a ride on his motorcycle ; she originally puts her hands on his shoulders, but he pushes them on to his waist.

In Half-WitCameron kisses House while attempting to get a blood sample.

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