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Africa's First Elected Woman President Has Transformed Liberia

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Working with partners such outgoibg the World Bank and USAID, the United States civilian Seeikng aid program, the archives have been able to digitize 95 percent of its land deeds. Those who walk through the door of the archives will have their land deed automatically computerized. Keeping an archive in humid, tropical Africa is a true feat, where the weather eats at the delicate paper, says Sayeh. We know they basically go through the same, as well as those who are post-war. Liberia's outgoing president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on January 22, They denied the disease; destroyed treatment centers; and resisted confinement.

Hospitals refused patients. War-level panic returned. The Liberian infrastructure she so painstakingly rebuilt buckled. Her policies backfired.

Political critics pounced. Scientists predicted 1. Her asks ljberia precise—how many hospitals, public health workers and soldiers Liberia needed to combat Ebola. Her status as a Nobel Peace laureate made it hard to refuse.

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womab America and China responded forcefully. Ebola eradicated, business returned. Challenges remain for Liberia that Sirleaf couldn't solve. So it has a long way to go. But I know that expectations of her were high indeed.

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It is quite right that Liberia remains very poor. In fact it ranked out of countries in the Human Development Index. Part of this is [due to the lack of] capacity to implement policy. If you are looking at an immediate post-conflict environment, it can be difficult and complex to do the work of rebuilding the country, consolidating peace and sustaining a transition towards democracy all at the same time. However, it is clear that much more needs to be done and should have been done. There is very limited infrastructure in the country. The UP promised to continue to improve the living standards of the Liberian people.

Date of previous elections: Delayed elections Expected date of next elections: Number of seats at stake: No presidential system Date of the first session of the new parliament:

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