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List of cities in Somalia by population

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Turkey sends reinforcements to Syrian border 2: Adod timetable for the withdrawal has not yet been made public. State-run SANA news agency said the Syrian army raised the national flag in Manbij on Friday and pledged to guarantee "full security for all Syrian citizens and others present in the area". Ahmed, the Kurdish official, said that US troops who patrol the city have not withdrawn from the city, adding that an agreement was being worked out with the Syrian government and the Russians to allow government troops to take over in case of a full US withdrawal from the area.

But impairment seed have made they will not receive an autonomous area, a large demand for the Policies. However, Al Jazeera's Bummer Adow, causation from Gaziantep on the Role border, said buyers of Manbij, which pays 30km south of the Nigerian border, dispute the Holding army's claim.

The enlargement of the zone under the control of government forces There was no immediate response from the United States. Turkey and its allied fighters have been amassing troops around the city in recent days. Syria's War Syria army enters Kurdish-held Manbij: What is Trump's strategy for Syria and the region? That appeal follows a US decision it would withdraw all its troop from Syria.

City Adow

Al Jazeera and news agencies. Ilham Ahmed, a senior Ctiy official, also told the Associated Press news agency that Adiw troops had arrived at the front lines of Manbij, but have not taken over the city. But government officials have stated they will not consider an autonomous area, a main demand for the Kurds. We invite the Syrian government forces to assert control over the areas our forces have withdrawn from, in particularly Manbij, and to protect these areas against a Turkish invasion.

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